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My Family Photo Album | Family Photos (Page 2)
Family Photos (Page 2)

This website is a collection of genealogical information provided by other researchers and family members.  Most of the information has not been verified against any official records.  Since the information is contributed, it is the responsibility of those who use the file to verify its accuracy. 

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          These photos are courtesy of many Hembree's from various branches and places. Many thanks to everyone that has contributed to this website. If there are any errors, please notify me.
        I would be happy to add your ancestors also. Just send them to or you can email me and I'll send you my snail mail address. lol


Can You Help Identify This Photo?

      This is possibly an unknown Hembree that is related to the Jenkins or Walker family. It was found among my Granny Edith Lucille Walker Jenkins things........ So it is hard telling if it is a Hembree. Which it could be and perhaps the lady is Charlotte Hembree who was married to William Hayden Jenkins. And the child could be there son George Madison Jenkins..... Which would be my Granny husband and my Grandpa Jenkins Father which would explain why Granny had it.... We do not know who she or the child is..........  Thank you for putting this in your newsletter. Now we have to just keep our fingers crossed that somebody reconizes her and the child...............

If you have an idea or know for certain who is in this photo, please contact me at

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My Hembree Family
Photo courtesy of Joyce Reece

Wm. Edgar Hembree & Vernie Lucinda
Photo courtesy of Joyce Reece

Wm. Edgar Hembree (1900-1971) & Vernie Lucinda (Worley).

Charles & Emma
Photo courtesy of Joyce Reece

Rev. Charles Abraham Hembree [1873-1949] & Emma Paralee (Lovingood) [1879-1969]. Charles is the son of James Washington Hembree & Martha Lucretia (Fore).

Wright Walker Hembree's Family Photo

Wright Walker Hembree's Family Photo.


James Lindley Hembree
Photo courtesy of Jeannine Walters

James Lindley Hembree married (1) Cinthia Hester Rainwater  (2) Emily P. He is the son of Sarah (Minton) & Amariah Hembree.

Charlotte Mahala (Hembree) & Wm. Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Donna Jenkins Isbill

Charlottee 'LOTTIE' Mahala Hembree) Jenkins is the daughter of Ezekiel & Phoebe (Goodin) Hembree. She married William Hayden Jenkins in 1865.

Hembreee, Kelly, Clayborn, Simpson
Courtesy of BJ Hainz

Mattie Lou Clements
Daughter of Lucy (Hembree) Clements

Mattie Lou Clements. Daughter of Lucy (Hembree) & Robert Lee Clements.

Lucy (Hembree) & Robert Lee Clements

Lucy (Hembree) & Robert Lee Clements.

Willis Newton (Sr.) "Paul" Wilson & Joyce
Photo courtesy of Paul & Joyce Wilson

Willis Newton 'PAUL' Wilson, Sr. & Joyce.

1917-1950 Bernice Hembree taken 1943
Photo courtesy of Linda Hembree

Bernice Hembree was the son of Sarah Susan Warren & Daniel Wallace Hembree. I have seen it spelled Bernace. He was born March 20, 1917 in Texas. Bernice was a Corporal in the U.S. Marines in 1943. His accidental death was from oxygen consumed by a gas heater, asphyxiation. He was survived by a wife, Mary. Buried in Laurel, Mississippi.

Phoebe Goodin
Photos Courtesy of Dale Standifer

Arthur Crit McDonald & Zella Mae (Hembree)

Anna Eliza Hembree, 1890-1928

Anna Eliza (Hembree) McCormick, 1890-1928. Daughter of Everett Yancy Knowles & Mary Jane Hembree. She married William Byron McCormick.

Marion VITALIS Hembree 1879-1974

Marion VITALIS Hembree 1882-1974. Son of Mary Jane Hembree.

Maude Everetta (Hembree) Hutchings 1886-1962

Maude Everetta (Hembree) Hutchings 1886-1962. Daughter of Everett Yancy Knowles & Mary Jane Hembree. She married George Ernest Hutchings.

Yancy Claude Hembree 1888-1955

Yancy Claude Hembree 1888-1955. Son of Everett Yancy Knowles & Mary Jane Hembree. He married Lela Maude (Anderson).

Alexis Marie Hembree 2003-2007
Photo courteous of Anonymous


Alexis Marie Hembree


Alexis Marie Hembree

Birth:    14 Aug 2003, USA

Death:   27 Jun 2007, USA

Daughter of Justin Mitchell & Jessica Hembree

Burial:   Glen Memorial Park, Villa Rica, Carroll, Georgia, USA

Frances Elizabeth (McClain) Hembree
Photo courtesy of Victor McClain


Frances Elizabeth (McClain) Hembree


Frances Elizabeth McClain

Birth:    1860, South Carolina, USA

Death:   1950, Anderson, South Carolina, USA

Wife of Augustus Mason Hembree

Burial:   Concord Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson, Anderson, South Carolina, USA

Heyward Hembree ~ Abt. 1938
Photo courtesy of Tammy Reavis

Heyward Hembree ~ Abt. 1938.

Fannie Mae Hembree & 4 of her children in 1927.
Photo courtesy of Tammy Reavis

Fannie Mae Hembree & 4 of her children in 1927.

Isaac Newton Hembree & Manerva Carter
Photo courtesy of Jean Slone

Isaac Newton Hembree & Manerva Carter.

Sarria Hembree
Photo Courtesy of David Malone

Sarria Hembree.

Didama Izora Hembree
Photo courtesy of Jeannine Walters

Didama Izora Hembree is the daughter of Cinthia Hester (Rainwater) & James Lindley Hembree. She married William Wilson.

Alice D. Hembree
Photo courtesy of Jeannine Walters

Alice D. Hembree is the daughter of Carrie S (Knott) & Harvey Dampeer R Hembree.

Harvey Dampeer R Hembree
Photo courtesy of Jeannine Walters

Harvey Dampeer R. Hembree is the son of Cinthia Hester Rainwater & James Lindley Hembree. He married Carrie S (Knott).

Carrie S (Knott) Hembree
Photo courtesy of Jeannine Walters

Carrie S (Knott) Hembree is the wife of Harvey Dampeer R Hembree. I'm not sure who the girl in the photo with her is. It may be their daughter Alice D. Hembree.

Aunt Vinnie Hembree
Photo courtesy of David Malone

John Thomas Hembree & Nellie Elizabeth Brooks
Photo courtesy of Vandetta Munro

John Thomas Hembree & Nellie Elizabeth (Brooks). The photo above was probably taken during John & Nellie's courting days.

Sandy Marie Hembree's Family 1991
Photo courtesy of Sandy Marie Hembree

Pierce Roy & Amanda Jane Webb, Oma Neal & Charles
Photo courtesy of Paul & Joyce Wilson

Pierce Roy, Amanda Jane Webb Roy (Paul's mother & her first husband). Pierce is holding daughter Oma Neal Roy, Amanda is holding son Charles Elbert Roy.

John Lorenzo Hembree 1895-1983

John Lorenzo Hembree, 1895-1983. John is the son of Everett Yancy Knowles & Mary Jane Hembree.

Neartye Agile Hembree, 1882-1945

Neartye Agile Hembree 1885-1945. Son of Mary Jane Hembree. He married Olivia Slankard.

Wilma Rene (Hembree) Swindell
Photo courtesy of Syleste


Wilma Rene (Hembree) Swindell


Wilma Rene Hembree

Birth:    30 Jun 1930, Farris, Atoka, Oklahoma, USA

Death:  03 Jan 1994, Atoka, Atoka, Oklahoma, USA

Burial:   Farris Cemetery, Farris, Atoka, Oklahoma, USA

Daughter of Marion Goldie Hembree & Ella Mae Houchin

Spouse of Dick Swindell

Artemesia Taylor (Farrar) Hembree
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Grimm

William Jordan Hembree & Artemesia Taylor (Farrar)
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Grimm

ABOVE (2 Photos):

William Jordan Hembree & Artemesia Taylor (Farrar)


William Jordan Hembree

Birth:    13 Sep 1842, Roane, Tennessee, USA

Death:  20 Nov 1909, Roane, Tennessee, USA

Son of Joel Bird Hembree & Sarah Wilhite

Husband of Artemesia Taylor Farrar

Father of Adaline Nellie, Charles Odie, Augustus Orin & Minnie M.

Burial: Cummings Cemetery, Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, USA


Artemesia Taylor Farrar

Birth:    1842, USA

Death:   27 21 Feb 1929, Hazel, Tillman, Oklahoma, USA

Burial:   Cummings Cemetery, Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, USA

Adam Weaver & Crystal Eiland (May 24, 2003)
Photo courtesy of Nancy "Hembree" Porter

Adam Weaver & Crystal Eiland. Adam Weaver is the great grandson of Edd Hembree.

George Clint (Mutt) Hembree & Family
Photo courtesy of Sandy Marie Hembree

George Clint 'MUTT' Hembree was born January 29, 1914 in Oswalt, Oklahoma and died October 30, 1999 in Marietta, Oklahoma. He married Leona Georgeann Chisum. They had one daughter and three sons. He was the son of James Edward Hembree and Willie Cassandra White.

James E. Hembree & Willie C. White's children
Photo courtesy of Sandy Marie Hembree

Back Row: James (Jim), George Clint (Mutt), John Almonzo (Diemont), Oties Wright (Odie) Hembree. Front Row: Laura (Polly) Hembree Grubbs, Mary Cassandra (Tom) Hembree Phillips, Vida Emme Hembree Jackson.

Willis Newton Wilson (Paul's Father)
Photo courtesy of Paul & Joyce Wilson

Paul's father, Willis Newton Wilson Sr. This is his mother's second husband.

Martha Alice Roach & Milford E. Webb, Lonzo 1902
Photo courtesy of Paul & Joyce Wilson

Martha Alice Roach & Milford E Webb & son, Lonzo Webb in 1902.  Lonzo died in 1902, he is buried in Silerville Cemetery, McCreary County, Kentucky. Milford is Amanda's brother.

James & Jack Hembree w/ children
Photo courtesy of Sandy Hembree

My Uncle James Lawerance Hembree aka Jim, with his three children and my father J.W. Hembree aka Jack, and his three children, sometime in summer of 1955 Oswalt, Love County, Oklahoma, the young girl on the far right is their sisters (Hettie Hembree Nelson) daughter, Louis Nelson. The children with Jim are Carolyn, Anne & Robert Hembree. The children with Jack are Mildred Sue, Patsy Lee & Randell Hembree.

Virgil R. Hembree's Paternal Grandparents
Courtesy of W. Jean Hembree Darnall

George Anderson Hembree 1870-1953. Son of James Washington Hembree & Martha Lucretia Fore. George married Eva Leora Lovingood.

Cyrus S. Hembree
Photos Courtesy of Dale Standifer

Margaret A. (Hembree) Baxter
Photo courtesy of Dale Standifer

David Malone & his Father Luther Virgil Malone
Photo courtesy of David Malone

Mom & Myrtle Hembree
Photo courtesy of David Malone

Betty (Hembree) Mosley

Betty (Hembree) Mosley 1893-1981. Daughter of Everett Yancy Knowles & Mary Jane Hembree. She married Simpson Mosley.

Mary Jane 'MAGE' Hembree

Mary Jane 'MAGE' Hembree 1855-1927. Daughter of John L. Hembree, Sr. & Mary Jane (Spakes).

Wylie Castro Hembree 1877-1904

Wylie Castro Hembree 1877-1904. Mary Jane Hembree. He married Mattie Mae McWorter.

Sondra Kay (Hembree) Davis
Photo courtesy of Jasmine Hembree


Sondra Kay (Hembree) Davis


Sondra Kay Hembree

Birth:    07 Feb 1953, Exeter, Tulare, California, USA

Death:   04 Nov 2001, Longview, Cowlitz, Washington, USA

Burial:   Longview Memorial Park & Mausoleum, Longview, Cowlitz, Washington, USA

Clara (Hall) Hembree
Photo courtesy of Betty from Oregon


Clara (Hall) Hembree


Clara Hall

Birth:    20 Feb 1920, White Bluffs, Benton, Washington, USA

Death:   29 Sep 2004, Hazel, Pasco, Franklin, Washington, USA

Wife of Walter Hembree

Mother of Beth and Sara

Burial:   Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Kennewick, Benton, Washington, USA

Joyce Woodruff (Hembree) Jones
Photo courtesy of Syleste


Joyce (Hembree) Jones


Joyce Hembree

Birth:    03 Jul 1932, Oklahoma, USA

Death:   04 May 1996, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Daughter of Marion Goldie Hembree & Ella Mae Houchin

Wife of (1) Jimmy Punneo; (2) Woody Woodruff; (3) Junior M Jones

Burial:   Farris Cemetery, Atoka, Oklahoma, USA


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